# fieldname fieldDescription
1 PublicationID Unique numeric ID for each publication.
2 PublicationTitle Title for the publication.
3 PublicationDescription Detailed description of the publication.
4 DHS_CountryCode Two letter DHS specific country code.
5 SurveyId DHS survey ID. Each survey will always have a unique ID (of the form ccyyyyttt where cc is the DHS country code, yyyy is the survey year, and ttt is the survey type) and can be used to obtain national or subnational data for a particular survey.
6 SurveyYear The principal year in which the survey was conducted.
7 SurveyType The survey type determines whether the survey was a DHS, AIS, MIS, SPA, or other (OTH) type of survey.
8 PublicationURL The URL providing access to the publication.
9 ThumbnailURL A thumbnail image of the publication cover.
10 PublicationSize Size in bytes of the publication PDF file.