# fieldname fieldDescription
1 FileName The name for the download zip file.
2 DHS_CountryCode Two-letter DHS specific country code.
3 CountryName DHS specific country name.
4 SurveyYear The principal year in which the survey was conducted.
5 SurveyYearLabel The survey year label provides the range of years in which the fieldwork took place. For example if a survey started in 1998 and finished in 1999, the survey year would be 1998 while the survey year label would provide 1998-99. This information could be used to make the user interface more intuitive and accurate.
6 SurveyType The survey type determines whether the survey was a DHS, AIS, MIS, SPA, or other (OTH) type of survey.
7 SurveyId DHS survey ID. Each survey will always have a unique ID (of the form ccyyyyttt where cc is the DHS country code, yyyy is the survey year, and ttt is the survey type) and can be used to obtain national or subnational data for a particular survey.
8 SurveyNum Unique numeric id assigned to each survey.
9 DatasetType The dataset type determines whether the survey is Geographc data or Survey Data.
10 FileType The type of dataset generated for the survey.
11 FileFormat The available file format for the survey (SAS, Stata, CSPro, SPSS).
12 FileSize The size of the file.
13 FileDateLastModified Date specifying when the survey data was last modified.