# fieldname fieldDescription
1 DHS_countryCode Two-letter DHS specific country code.
2 CountryName DHS specific country name.
3 FIPS_countryCode Federal Information Processing Standards(FIPS) specific country code.
4 ISO2_countryCode International Organization for Standardization (ISO) specific two-letter country code.
5 ISO3_countryCode International Organization for Standardization (ISO) specific three-letter country code.
6 UNAIDS_countryCode UNAIDS specific three-letter country code.
7 UNICEF_countryCode UNICEF specific three-letter country code.
8 UNSTAT_countryCode UNSTAT specific three-letter country code.
9 WHO_countryCode WHO specific two-letter country code.
10 RegionName Name of the geographic region for the specified country.
11 SubRegionName Name of the geographic sub-region for the specified region.
12 RegionOrder A numeric value that can be used for ordering regions/sub-regions in a list.